The Hull Pirates suffer more heartbreak after being beaten by the Sheffield Steeldogs in the North Cup semi-final. The score was 6-6 in regulation time with the Steeldogs securing the win on penalty shots.

Some would suggest that officiating decisions shaped the games, which saw the Steeldogs having to scramble from behind to take it to OT. However, you have to roll with the cards you are dealt and play what is in front of you. Which, against all odds, is what we did and we did it with determination, grit and a stoic desire to win.
What we saw over the 2 games was a Hull Pirates side that dominated for the majority of the tie, consistently frustrating the Steeldogs and playing with character, confidence and style. Ash Smith produced two excellent performances that should make his critics think twice. The team looked the complete package and caused the opposition a lot of problems, they are a team we should all be proud of led by a head coach who is head and shoulders above all of his peers.
We would like to congratulate the Sheffield Steeldogs on progressing to the final.