During Sundays game against the Sheffield Steeldogs Jason Hewitt was awarded a match penalty for abuse of official. The Smailes Goldie Hull Pirates looked at the footage and felt that it was worthy of submission to the league for review.

This process has now been completed and the league have informed us that, not only has the match penalty been overturned, there was no penalty to answer whatsoever on the play by Jason Hewitt.

We are obviously pleased with this outcome, which allows Hewitt to play in our upcoming playoff games. However, we are deeply disappointed that an erroneous call of this nature happened and, potentially, ended our title hopes in, what was, a one goal game.

Head Coach Jason Hewitt stated that he was pleased to be cleared of the penalty but is frustrated by the thought of what could have been.

Owner Shane Smith added that he was impressed with the level of support he received from the league. He said that he empathised with referees who, quite rightly, have to take action to protect their officials. However, on this occasion, the call was not warranted and directly influenced the game.

The Smailes Goldie Hull Pirates continue to work closely with the league and would like to thank them for their continued support.