Operation Playoffs

Usually we do a write up or a match report from the weekends games, however we think Goaltending Coach Nathan Craze summed up the weekend perfectly in his interview. It was a weekend where we performed well and, ultimately, felt like we deserved something from both games. To take games in to the last 5 or 6 minutes with a lead and then lose by a couple of goals is disappointing to say the least. What can ease that disappointment is the manner in which you lose, and last weekend the Hull Pirates played two really good, hard games backstopped magnificently by goaltender Vlastimil Lakosil. Yes we were the victim of some bad luck on Saturday night and yes, lapses of concentration let Milton Keynes back in to the game on Sunday night. But what cannot be underestimated are the coaching decisions made by Head Coach Jason Hewitt in pulling the netminder to make it a 3-2 game and give us a chance of getting back on even terms and the effort, drive and desire put in by each and every player on that team. When you have a coach of the quality of Pete Russell commenting, during the game, that he didn’t think his team were going to score that evening you know you are playing well!!

Last weekend is now gone, and so we move on and look into this weekend and our push for the playoffs and the main goal, a weekend in the final 4 in Coventry!

Away games on Friday and Sunday in Sheffield and Telford bookend a home fixture on Saturday night against the Peterborough Phantoms. Games against them always have an edge, they are always a spectacle and this one will be no different. This is a game where all of the progress made, all of the changes and all of the talking stops and the tide turns. We will work hard, we will deliver.

If ever a choice had to be made we would ask you all now, if you come every week or if you haven’t been for a while, come to the game on Saturday night. Get behind this team, our team, your team, it has been a rollercoaster year and they deserve all of our support! You can call this what you want, but we would call it a rallying cry to get each and every person who supports this team into the building on Saturday night and be that 6th man to get a much deserved win back on home ice! It is the penultimate home game of the regular season before the playoff run and we want that playoff feeling in the rink and to make it a place other teams do not want to come. Wear your jerseys with pride, green out that rink, we want home advantage and to hear you all in full voice before a skate even touches the ice. Let’s send a message into both locker rooms; WE ARE HULL! WE ARE PIRATES! THIS IS OUR HOUSE!

Doors open at 1700 and faceoff is 1800, we hope to see you all there.