The Bradfield Brewery Cup was seen, by some, as a “filler” that didn’t matter. Try telling that to the Hull Pirates and Sheffield Steeldogs! They have been combatants in a battle of epic proportions, 6 periods; 2 hours of hockey over two legs resulted in an aggregate score of 6-6. For many Steeldogs fans this would have looked like a homecoming parade, a night of carnival and celebration, they didn’t count on the tenacity of the Smailes Goldie Hull Pirates.

The Hull Pirates matched their Yorkshire rivals 1st leg score of 4-2 in the return leg at Ice Sheffield to force overtime, a total of 12 goals being scored in regulation time. The 3-on-3 overtime period didn’t provide a winner and so it was to penalty shots we went.

This is where all of the years of practice, all of the hours spent pulling moves, or 2nd guessing what the move will be come, to bear. This is where you count on your franchise guys to come up big, they come no bigger than Tommi Laine, cometh the moment cometh the man! He scored the winning penalty shot to bring the Bradfield Brewery Cup and Yorkshire Pride home to Hull, bragging rights along with silverware! TO THE VICTORS, THE SPOILS!

WHAT A NIGHT! A team of warriors became a team of heroes supported by a legion of loyal fans without whom none of this would be possible. This has been a great advert for ice hockey and a great opener for what will hopefully become an annual event.

Come to the Hull Arena tomorrow night and give our heroes the welcome home they deserve. There can be no doubts any longer, this is a team to be reckoned with, this is a team who know what it takes to win and the bitterness of loss, most of all………..THIS IS YOUR TEAM!! Let them know what they mean to all of us!! We’ll all be there tomorrow, will you?