Well, last weekend was a bit busy now wasn’t it? Three games in three days, against well drilled teams, two of them on the road in tough buildings & with 6 points on the table this was a crucial weekend!!

In the end we came out of it with 4 points to the good having taken 2 of them from league leaders Sheffield Steeldogs. It leaves things as tight at the top as they ever were, this year’s league battle seems destined to come down to the final weekend, who said it was going to be boring huh?

This weekend coming is the penultimate weekend of the regular season for us, and on Saturday we will face Blackburn in a 4 point game before we travel to Nottingham on Sunday. As we look toward Saturday we can’t help but think that it’s likely to be a feisty affair; if the last time we met them across the Pennines is anything to go by! It is likely to be a great display of hockey with something for everyone, with it being a Saturday we’re hoping to welcome a travelling contingent from Lancashire as well which would be fantastic.

All season we have talked about the importance of our home support in Hull, some may see it as propaganda and a way to increase revenue, and do you know what, that’s fine. No organisation is run for free and any organisation with ambitions as lofty as ours needs to increase their fan base and footfall. In this respect we are guilty as charged, we have made no secret about the fact that we would like to see ourselves back in the Elite League, but we want to make sure we are sustainable, to be sustainable we need to fill the stands. This season we have had the most consistent crowd numbers since becoming Hull Pirates, we have seen a lot of new fans coming in to watch the games and there is genuine interest from local businesses to form partnerships with us. So, step by step we are creating a true hockey brand in Hull, and we could not have got here without you, to think otherwise would be foolish.  

BUT, we have also talked about you being the difference, and that is exactly what you are! When you are in the building in numbers and full voice you are a force to behold, it is a force that we can draw from and also a force that gives us an edge over those who visit our house. Although we call it our house, it would be more accurate to call it our home, because it is within a home that family gather and that is how we see you, extended family!

What we would ask from each and every one of our fans is that you come to these last two games of the regular season and bring a friend, help us grow this team and this sport. Let’s see if we can fill our building together and create an atmosphere like no other! This is crunch time in the regular season, it is also a springboard for play-off momentum. Teams need to feel their fans behind them, imagine yourself in their position, now imagine how you would feel coming out to a thousand faces all screaming, chanting and cheering for you, willing you to win, willing you to succeed! THAT is who you are, THAT is the difference you make, NEVER forget how important you are, NEVER underestimate your part in our success! This Saturday bring yourselves, bring your friends, bring the noise and be our difference!!