THIS IS IT! We have 6 critical days ahead of us and we need you to be there, supporting your team, willing them on. We play Telford away on Saturday and home on Sunday, we then face Sheffield at home on Thursday. This is where the league will be won or lost.

6 days, 3 games, 6 points, that is all anybody needs to know about the title competition.

It is as simple as it sounds, starting from Saturday we have 3 games against our fellow contenders with 6 points at stake. When all is said and done the title race comes down to us, Telford and Sheffield and only 2 points separates us right now.

THAT is what makes these 6 days so important. We play BOTH rivals over the 3 games and whoever takes the points will fancy their chances for the title. We each have to take points from one another and this is our opportunity to do just that.

Are we ready? HELL YES!
Do we believe? HELL YES!
Can we do it? HELL YES!

But we need you! We need to know you are there, we need to see our building full for BOTH home games, we need to hear you shake the building to it's core!!

This is our time to stand as one Pirate Nation, shoulder to shoulder, proud of our city, our hockey heritage and this team!! Tickets are available now from the box office, make sure you have yours and be our difference!!