Following the announcement that Tomas Fucik will return to the continent we are pleased to announce that Ash Smith will remain as the starting netminder for the rest of the 2018/19 season.

Since Fucik received a 10 game suspension Smith has proven to be a solid addition in goal. His performances have been recognised and supported by his fellow teammates who requested that the 19 year old was kept on a more permanent basis.

Having Smith in goal allows us to search the market for import outskaters and continue to strive for success this year. With the full support and faith of the room behind him Smith's confidence continues to grow and this has been reflected in his performances on the ice. He came back to the team during a busy period and, so far, has managed to help the team win 5 out of his 6 starts. He has faced 181 shots for 15 goals giving a 91% save average over the 6 games he has played.

We ask that you, our fan base, show Ash the support every player on our team deserves. Get behind him and the rest of the room and join us during our exciting journey.