The Smailes Goldie Hull Pirates are proud to reveal that stuff4tubs have joined our sponsorship team for the remainder of the 2018/19 season. 

Stuff4tubs was founded after identifying the need to have great after market products with great support for owners of hot tubs. 
They dont just sell chemicals, parts and accessories, they fit and use them on a daily basis.
Craig Clough from stuff4tubs said
"Customers identified a lack of aftersales and support when buying online, we rectified this as our sales team are also hot tub engineers with years of knowledge and experience. 
We specialise in fitting new high quality systems to out dated or poor quality chinese hot tubs".
When asked about the partnership with the Smailes Goldie Hull Pirates, Craig said that he was "extremely pleased to be able to be associated with a top, local team". He added "The Pirates and ice hockey represent everything I love about sport. I'd encourage everyone to come and watch this team in action".
Owner Shane Smith stated he is
"I want to welcome stuff4tubs to the Pirates family and look forward to representing their company".
Join us on Sunday evening as we take on the Sheffield Steeldogs in a bitter rivalry match up.