So, to say the weekend didn’t go to plan is probably an understatement, to say it didn’t hurt would be an outright lie. We are, as we’re sure you are, absolutely devastated by the result and the outcome, losing the league was never an option to us. But that is what has happened, and it is as difficult writing about it now in retrospect as it was to witness it on Sunday.

We could pick apart the two games minute by minute, but actually, the fact is, Sheffield scored more goals than us. They took their chances and made them count, their goalie stopped everything we threw at him, and we threw a lot, but couldn’t find a way past him. There is also a good argument to say that the league wasn’t won or lost this weekend, but way back in the first few weeks of this season. It’s an argument with merit.

But, what’s the point in moping, and who would care or sympathise with us if we did? A lot of good things have come from this season as well this weekend! Plus we have a playoff campaign to focus on starting this weekend, and we would be doing the 1300 home fans that packed out the arena a disservice if we didn’t focus on the job in hand.

Let’s start with some stats to cheer up the masses, we all love a stat, don’t we? It was rhetorical, we’re going to put them out there anyway. We have 4 players in the top 10 points scorers for the entire league with a Davies/Hewitt 1st & 2nd netting 112 & 93 points respectively. Bobby Chamberlain follows in 4th with 81 points and Lee Bonner in 9th with 61 points. Bobby may be in 4th overall in points but he topped the Northern conference with goals scored and was joint leader with Telford’s Jason Silverthorne overall.

Then there was this weekend, two games, two rinks, two sell outs. How can anyone not be proud of that? One thing is for sure, it was a huge boost to see the Pirates Nation travel in numbers to Sheffield, but to see 1300 of you in our own building was next level! It is something that no one could have predicted and something that makes us emotional just thinking about! The noise you made, the atmosphere you created and, for this writer, just taking you all in during the national anthem is something I will never forget and will be eternally grateful for.

But now we are in the post season where 6 games decide our fate, first up are the Blackburn Hawks, and we face them on Saturday night at home before travelling across the Pennines on Sunday for the 2nd leg. As with leagues around the world playoff hockey is a different type of hockey, it is intense, do or die, winner progresses. That is what you can expect from your Hull Pirates, all or nothing!

We have shown the hockey world that we can put on one hell of a show in this city, on the ice, off the ice and in the stands. If you were there remember the feeling of 1300 family members stood shoulder to shoulder watching your team of warriors battle relentlessly for every puck and every play. Remember it, and recreate it, come down again, bring people with you, fill our humble home and we will prevail! If you weren’t there then make sure you are on Saturday, forget whatever it is you were meant to be doing and come to this game. We have shown we can do it, what seemed unrealistic to some we made a reality, let us come together and do it again & again & again! A playoff series of home sell-out crowds? A pipe dream? Maybe. Achievable? ABSOLUTELY!  You should all be proud of what we all achieved together over the season and at the weekend, let’s celebrate THAT, let’s celebrate hockey and let’s get to Coventry in style!!

Saturday night we play the Hawks, faceoff is 6pm, it is on the season ticket, we ask each and every Pirates fan across the land to be there, BE OUR DIFFERENCE!