Fans Social / Loyalty Partners

Launch of new fan’s social / loyalty partners scheme

A new fan’s social scheme has been created solely for the benefit of you, the fans! The Media and Social Team has worked hard throughout the summer to identify loyalty partners who will offer discounts, promotions or special treats to all Pirates’ fans. The list of partners is growing and we are in the process of finalising the special offers that each can extend to Pirates’ fans. We currently have on board a wide variety of retailers from motor traders to cycle shops but most of the focus is on food and drink outlets. The full list will be published over the season with more firms joining but there is one condition: they must have firm roots in our fair city of Hull! This is Made in Hull.

The most important development is a fans hub. We have viewed many outlets in the Humber Street area, close to the Arena, but none could offer the regular eating, drinking and function experience that we were searching for. Dave Heath and I were then invited to Tap House in Humber Street where we met the proprietor, Guy. Tap House offers a wide variety of beers (including onsite brewed ales), a street kitchen and function facility. ‘When we met Gut, everything ticked,’ admits Dave Heath. We therefore, signed the Tap House as our fan’s hub where you can meet before and sometimes after every game. In addition, Tap House will play host to a number of special events nights, including midweek quizzes, charity auction, film night and Legends Night.

Humber Street, Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 04 March, 2019. Pictured: Taphouse

Social nights at the Tap House will feature guest supporters ales and Pirate cocktails specially designed for you. These events are open to all fans including those with families. Accessing all of the loyalty scheme is still a work in progress. Once the pirate app is released, everyone signing up can use an app ID virtual ‘card’. Season Pass holders will be able to use their pass, which will have a loyalty ID printed on it.

Look out for details of new loyalty partners and social events at the Pirate Hub, Tap House.