Captain’s Injury Curse Continues

Continuing his injury nightmare, Smailes Goldie Hull Pirate’s captain, Jamie Chilcott, suffered a suspected dislocated shoulder in Saturdays match.

Last year, Jamie sustained an ankle injury that plagued him throughout the campaign. After his return he then ended the season with concussion, which prevented him from playing in vital games. Even his participation in the Playoff Final in Coventry was in part curtailed by a head injury.

The news comes within days of the Pirate’s opening home league fixture against a daunting Swindon Wildcats side. It is a tie likely to set the tone for future title ambitions. With the Wildcats icing an impressive offence, losing such a vital player and popular figure in the dressing room will pose a huge problem for Hull. However, a spokesperson for the Pirates reassured fans that the remaining players left in D were used to playing shorthanded and that, ‘We have the experience and fitness to see this through.’ The loss makes the late signing of Lee Haywood a particularly important move given the experience that Chilcott brings to the D.

Fans and players wish Jamie a speedy recovery.