Matt Bissonnette has a message for our fans.

Hi everyone!
Hope everyone’s keeping well and safe in these strange and uncertain times! It is important for us to stay positive and optimistic. I must admit: lockdown is the the ultimate newlywed challenge! We’re surviving! By way of an update, in February my wife and I moved away from Sheffield to a house on the suburbs of Manchester.

Our cocker spaniel, Winston, who turns 1 later this month, loves his new garden and begs me to take him for a walk at every opportunity. I haven’t yet been able to visit my family and friends back in Montreal which is obviously something I usually do every summer. I’m hoping we’ll be able to fly over for a couple of weeks before the end of summer, but the health and safety of myself, my family and other people is paramount right now.

With regards to fitness, I recently joined a golf club (which conveniently backs onto our house) and thought this would help improve my game…I was wrong! My wife bought a treadmill at the start of lockdown and we’ve used it 4 times collectively. I do, however, take Winston out on 2 long walks every day and pick up the weights in our garage-gym when I’m really bored of NHL on the PS4.

Please stay safe and I hope to be seeing you all around the rinks sooner rather than later.

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