Player Injury Update.

The Pirates have been plagued with injuries through the first half of this season, with five players missing from action over the last few weekends.

However, good news is on the horizon with the majority of these players hopefully returning to the ice within the coming weeks.

Looking to return this weekend is Matty Davies. After a period of absence due to a lower body injury, Matty has been training with the team over the past few weeks and all being well we should be welcoming him back for this weekend’s fixtures.

Defenceman Lee Haywood is also looking to return in the next 2-3 weeks after also suffering with a lower body injury.

Josh Gent will hopefully be returning to training as of this week after a serious injury early in the season removed him from action. Depending on how this goes, Gent is aiming to return competitive games in the next few weeks.

After fracturing his wrist in the recent away fixture against Sheffield, Aaron Smith is recovering well and it has been predicted we will be see him play again in 4 weeks’ time.

Unfortunately there is no set timescale for the return of Marcus Neil. Marcus continues to train.
We hope to see Marcus return ASAP.

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