Sam Towner Checks in!

Sam Towner would like to check in with all the members of #PiratesNation during the off season!

Hi Pirates Fans 

Just checking in with you all, I hope you’re all well and are enjoying the weather we are currently experiencing. I’m sure its making lockdown easier! 

I don’t know about you all but for me personally this has been probably the toughest few months of my life for one reason or another. I think one thing which has come out of this is the realisation of the importance of family and I hope you are all keeping your nearest and dearest at the forefront of your minds and ensuring any vulnerable relatives are safe during this time period. 

I think this period has been hard for myself and most of the boys as we haven’t been able to prepare for the upcoming season as we normally would. I know usually about this time of year the lads are hitting the gym pretty hard to get ready for September but unfortunately that’s not something we are able to do. Instead I have been doing some Joe Wicks workouts to maintain my fitness coupled with doing a lot of cycling out on the road to try and get myself ready for the season whenever that may be. 

I have recently started going back into work for contact with my Y10 pupils who will be sitting their GCSE exams, im sure most of you will be the same with going back to work or the moment or most of you will continue to work from home. 

Obviously the sentiment continues to be stay safe during this pandemic and im sure we will all see each other on the otherside back in the rink ready for a successful season. 

Sam Towner #16

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