Thinking Autism: Pirates 2019/20 Adopted Charity

For the 2019/20 season, Smailes Goldie Hull Pirates have adopted the charity Thinking Autism.

Andre Payette has been reviewing many applications to be Pirates’ headline charity and when this one came along he said, ‘It is a great charity to support anyway but the strong connection between the charity and Jason and Stacey Hewitt, swayed our decision.’

Jason commented on news of the decision, ‘I am overwhelmed by the news and on behalf of me, Stacey and my family, I would like to say thank you to the club. I hope the fans feel the same way about this charity and will back it when the dedicated game comes around in the new year.’

Events will take place during the year to raise awareness for our adopted charity but attention will focus upon the main dedicated fund-raising game in February 2020. Special shirts are being designed for the game and this forms part of the huge project being undertaken within our partnership with Hull School of Art and Design (HSAD). A competition is already underway for fashion students to design a Thinking Autism shirt. This will be worn by players during the game and we hope to have it sold at arenas throughout the National and EIHL.

Thinking Autism are overjoyed that the Smailes Goldie Hull Pirates have chosen them to support this season. ‘We cannot thank you enough for helping to raise funds for our work and awareness of the support we offer families. We are a small team of autism parents and adults working to improve quality of life for people with autism and help them to reach their full potential. Our charity‚Äôs focus is on the medical comorbidities people with autism suffer. With proper recognition and treatment of these comorbidities, quality of life improves and for many people, the disabling symptoms of autism diminish. From one team to another, thank you Hull Pirates!’

Learn more about medical comorbidities in autism, including the latest research and family stories at our website

Here is a testimonial from one parent:

So appreciative and grateful for such a forward-thinking charity when it comes to our children! TA has been such a huge support, knowledgeable and informative charity for our family in helping us to support our son in therapies and his health when we felt lost due to the lack of crucial information in system. As a result our son has made huge gains across the board to which we are extremely thankful! If you are a parent whose child has just been diagnosed, TA are an incredible charity to connect with to help your child and you also as family.