We caught up with Lee Bonner to find out how he’s been spending is time during lockdown..

Hi everyone!

Hope your all ok in this strange time and everyone’s been safe and well.

Well what can I say? I don’t really say much haha! We recently moved into our new home and with lock down taking us away from our hectic lifestyle we have been able to decorate the house finally.

Just before lockdown hit us we were able to pick up the new puppy which has kept me busy with long walks and training!

Quiz nights with the family and friends on the famous zoom which I’m sure everyone is now familiar with now.

Still not knowing when the season is going to begin, I have been training at home ready for when the season starts. Iv been out with my nephew roller blading ( he’s been teaching me a thing or two 😉)

Still been playing on the PS4 to keep out of the Missus way 😂

Look forward to seeing you all soon in the rink!

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